Afterdark Paranormal
Afterdark Paranormal

“ The Biggest & Most Popular Public Ghost Hunting Company ”

“Fun And Fear In One Pot”

Have you ever wondered if spirits exist? Do the dead return to haunt us? Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity? Stones being thrown, banging, flying orbs, been touched by unseen hands, eerie voices in the dark, tables and chairs moving on their own or even seen a ghost with your own eyes?

Afterdark Paranormal Ltd. Specialises in giving you the opportunity to take part in ghost hunts, ghost walks, Victorian séance, paranormal experiments, mediumship events and much more.

We will lead you through an investigation where you will have the opportunity to use a verity of equipment and experiments in order to make contact with the spirit world. We do not use actors or tricks to enhance your night. Everything is 100% genuine paranormal activity.

If you fancy doing something a little different please take a look at our up and coming events. Or why not book a private investigation for you and your friends!

“Book Now & Experience The Paranormal”

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